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The NCAA is the 1,000 LB gorilla in college sports. The rules they set forth are mandatory and nobody is going to skirt them.

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Even the largest, most profitable college programs have to follow all the rules or suffer the consequences. High school student-athletes are subject to their own mandatory rules and regulations.

One of the most overlooked steps by high school student-athletes, coaches and parents is registering for the NCAA eligibility center  and understanding what a “Core NCAA GPA” is.

So why is it that most high school coaches, athletic directors and parents overlook this mandatory process? Lack of knowledge, too busy or just lazy?

Athletic recruiting agencies that offer full service marketing and consultation can help you avoid costly mistakes.  Look at it as an agent or recruiting coach, specifically catering to your needs. Unless you have the time and mojo to call every college coach, email them, etc… You should look into representation.



There are some resources posted at www.athleticscholarshipcorp.com that will help you calculate your NCAA core GPA or visit http://www.ncaa.org/student-athletes/future/eligibility-center/how-my-core-grade-point-average-gpa-calculated

Athletic Scholarship Corporation is the only college recruiting agency that doesn’t give homework or expect a high school athlete to contact coaches on their own.

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