Athletic Scholarship Reaction Videos

Posted: September 22, 2018 in NCAA RECRUITING

You have seen the videos on YouTube. Student-athlete’s getting offers and you are wondering where is mine?

The first thing you need to know is this is a long process and it takes planning, investment of time, money and yes blood, sweat and tears.

First phase to getting that evasive athletic scholarship offer is registering with the NCAA & NAIA. This is mandatory for all sports and at all levels.  You must be “cleared” academically and as an amateur athlete.

If your grades suck, my suggestion is go the Junior College route (JUCO) 

Second, is get a highlight film professionally done to identify the top plays and aspects of the game a college coach is looking for.  The best clips should be put in front as college coaches don’t always look at the whole tape. You have to keep them interested right off the rip.

Third, get a marketing plan and put it on paper. Focus on the schools that you feel you can compete at and would enjoy being a student there also. I talk in-depth with a college head coach about this on my podcast


The recruiting process, like anything in life is a numbers game. The more people that look at your information the higher the chances you will land a deal on national signing day.  To bolster your numbers, video views and more checkout


Athletic Scholarship Corporation uses their patented technology to call, email, text, fax and send mailers to colleges nationwide. You can track real-time which schools are adding you to their recruiting board.

Hear feedback from users of Athletic Scholarship Corporation’s technology here.

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